Bio: Husband to Amy Father to 7 Firefighter Friend of God

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2 Responses to About

  1. Jim Cannon says:

    Thank you Ron for your raw honesty that comes with no agenda but forgiveness and reconciliation. I pray that God will continue to bless and heal you.

    Jim Cannon


  2. jen says:

    Hi Ron,

    I came across your letter and blog randomly and wanted to let you know that I was so encouraged by your honesty and God’s power to heal and restore you after all the hurt caused by one man’s brokenness. God IS our chief shepherd, healer, restorer, lover, perfect leader, and ultimate judge. Thank you for sharing your journey and speaking truth in love. Amen to and thank God for the power of biblical forgiveness, confession, repentance, restoration, and healing, I hope your pprevious pastor has a chance to read your letter and I pray for the Holy Spirit’s kindness and conviction to touch his heart.

    May God bless you and your family… blog on!



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